Manaia View’s Mission Statement:
          “Whakatinana Te Moemoea       
                            - Give Body to the Dream”

Manaia View School’s Vision is:

"Manaia View will foster the development of its own unique  identity. It will provide a secure and happy environment, in which children are valued, supported and challenged and  where child centred programmes meet the needs of all students."

The Curricula at Manaia View School

The Manaia View School curriculum has been designed to fit within the guidelines of the National Curriculum. It is aimed at providing teachers and students the guidelines, resources and support that will support them in terms of achieving our learning vision. Our intent is to engage students in learning while facilitating the skills that will empower them as independent learners as they move into a changing future.
At Manaia View School we believe that providing  motivational, engaging  and stimulating student learning  programme is the foundation focus of quality learning. Effective teaching focuses on all factors that promote positive learning experiences. This includes critical aspects such as the physical environment, the needs for high expectations of every students, and the interactions between teachers and students, learners and their peers. We know that student learning will be promoted through the collaborative development  of our curriculum.

In 2015 the Manaia View School Staff, Board of Trustees, Students and their Whanau were actively engaged in reviewing all aspects of the "Manaia View School Curriculum". The document is currently in "trial" as we seek further opportunities of feedback and feedforward from our school community. Should you wish to discuss any aspects of trail document please feel free to contact us. We value your input.

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