Cyber Smart

There are many ways to be cybersmart. 

Here are some key ideas we need to keep in mind when on the internet, to ensure that we keep ourselves safe.

Smart Relationships

Being a good friend online

What is the smart thing to do when friendships turn sour

How to be a good friend online

How to protect myself from things going wrong with my peers and friends

Know who people are

What do I really know for sure about the people I meet online

What should I do if I am uncomfortable about a relationship I have formed online

Smart Footprint

Creating a positive digital footprint

How am I advertising myself

Post stuff that will make your parents proud

Remember it will be there forever (understanding of how the internet/caching etc works)

What information is ok to give away online

Protecting passwords

Smart Profile

Smart Media

Being able to critically examine everything online and not take it at face value

Everything is on a continuum of real to fake

How images are manipulated to portray information eg images to make people look better

How music and video is enhanced and edited

Smart Surfing

Identifying places a cyber smart kid wouldn't visit/look at

What is the smart thing to do when you land on a page or site that is inappropriate

Understanding how the internet works

          What is the best browser to use

Viruses, etc

Smart searching

            What keyword(s) should I use

Smart Learners

Smart learners are Information Literate

Digital Literacy

How do I check if information is true

How do I verify URLs/Content

How credible are information sources

How do I acknowledge the source of my information

Smart searching

            What keyword(s) should I use

            Searching for images that are labelled for re-use

Smart and Legal

Smart using and keeping

What I'm allowed to download/use

What I should check first before downloading

What I am allowed to subscribe to

What I'm legally allowed to belong to( sign up for) on the internet 

Smart Money

All matters of using money online

Buying and selling

Credit cards vs Paypal

Responding to requests for money (especially from Nigeria) 

Smart Parents

Being a cyber smart parent!

What sites are the best for my children

How much time should my child spend on the internet?

Relationships - knowing my kids friends

Where should my child access the internet ie a physical space

Do I know what my child has subscribed to?

Do I know what is legal and illegal online?

Please note that as a school we block social media sites eg FB and the terms and conditions associated with these sites  state that users must be 13ys and over.

We run Hectors World as a cybersmart program and would encourage whaunu to use the resources provided by to assist with any online issues.