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Fonterra Milk for Schools Launch 21/03/2012 

Photos of the Day

We were so proud of our school last Monday, when we launched the Milk in Schools for Northland and New Zealand. Some of us may remember when milk was in our schools many years ago.  It is such a worthwhile health initiative. We were chosen to launch the event, as we are a leading school in Health Initiatives and one of the only schools’ in NZ to hold eight consecutive Gold Heart Beat Awards. I arrived at school at 6am expecting to be the first to arrive, only to find the school lighten up and  people already in the gym. Our new Caretaker, Mr. Hewson, had opened the school up for the TV 3 film crew and the Events Co-coordinators who were putting the finishing touches on the newly painted interior of the Gym. Mr. Hewson had spent the weekend painting the gym for the day and along with Mr. Bird and Ms. Rudolph had placed all the seating. It looked awesome. By 6:45am we had 15 children in the library ready to do the first interview with TV3. At 7:30am the children along, with about 20 adults, all sat down to a cooked breakfast thanks to Fonterra. The scene was set for what promised to be a great day. It may have rained, well that was an understatement…it poured and many of our expected official such as the Hon. Tiriana Turia were unable to make the event but we carried on. Four TV stations and many newspapers covered the event.

We started with a powhiri, the children performing at there very best. Cameras jostled for coverage and our TV Crew did a marvelous job.  As the ribbon was cut and the first milk was handed to our students, there was an overwhelming applause. This event was a success for many reasons but first and foremost it was the children. You should all be very proud of your children and how they performed and hosted this historic event. The seniors stepped up and were amazing hosts and Room 4 was courteous when they had all the TV Crews in their classrooms interviewing them. The behaviour of our children was exemplary. The staff had also worked extremely hard and a big thanks to firstly the Health Team Leaders, Mr. Bird and Ms. Rudolph and secondly thanks to the staff members who all played a part in ensuring that the school was prepared to host. I have had absolutely heaps of positive feedback about our school and I thought I would share a couple with you. 

“The tamariki were marvellous and even the weather could not dampen the enthusiasm of all those present.

It was a privilege to be a part of an historical kaupapa.

 Tau ke !!” 

Hira Gage: MOE Regional Manager

We were all incredibly happy with how the day went and have had great feedback from media and guests.
 Please pass on our thanks to all teachers and students. You have a great school and the talent of the children in the assembly was quite overwhelming.

Samantha Vogts - Fonterra

Since the event, we have had milk every morning at 9am, delivered by our very responsible Senior Milk Monitors. The children LIKE the milk and I am sure that they are all benefiting already from the morning boost. According to the government guidelines all our children should drink 2 -3 cups of milk each day so this should help with achieving that. I am delighted that Fonterra have seen the benefit of providing each child with milk.


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Milk goes down well with kids

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