Pukeko Echo Television

Pukeko Echo Television is the school based media project which produces the children's show: Pukeko Echo.
This show is created by the children, about the children and for the children! Film crews made up of students from Manaia View School play a key role - a role which includes all aspects of media production. These include everything from researching content linked to  film segments, script writing, filming, lighting, presenting, sound production and editing.

This year  there has been considerable changes to our PET project with Marilyn Small working  three days a week  on media production.  A key focus is the  inclusion of more of our students in the production of content for Pukeko Echo. This has lead to film crews being selected from our middle and senior classes as well as our immersion class. Each crew will take part in film production training followed by  the creation of content for Pukeko Echo. Students in our junior classes will also  be included with opportunities  linked to PET  occuring during her  regular visits to  these classes. 

2016 will continue to provide students with the opportunity to pick up all film production roles which include that of; student directors, storyboard and script writers, camera men, editors, presenters, music composers!  Roles which allow the development of all the key competencies identified in the NZ Curriculum as well as extension of their literacy skills via researching, writing, editing, presenting as part of the film making process. Staff from Channel North also provide tuition, editing support and equipment use as and when requested. This allows our teams to work alongside professional CN crew members which further extends our students confidence and media skills.  

Pukeko Echo can be viewed on Channel North, our local regional tv station which is based at Manaia View School.  It is also able to be viewed via webstreaming on your computer. If you would like to find out more about P.E.T or share films that have been made at school or home please contact Marilyn Small who details are below. 

Channel North
Channel North, which is Whangarei's regional television station, is overseen by Northland Television Trust. The four key partners of the trust are Manaia View School, 155 Community House, Northech and Ngati Hine FM. Channel North's website will provide you with additional background as well as current information on our television station.

Its website link is: Channel North

If you would like to know more about Pukeko Echo Televsion

    Marilyn Small                                                                       
    Director/Producer of Pukeko Echo Television                                                                
    email: marilyns@manaiaview.school.nz                             

Take a look at our PET crew latest success:

MVS Values.mp4

And is Channel North's interview following the cinema release of Youth Space's anti-bullying promotion.

YouTube Video