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Digital e-Learning

Investing in your child’s learning is an essential part of our digital learning programme’s success

This year students from Years 5 – 8 have had their own devices in class. As a result of this programme we have seen improved results and greater student motivation and engagement in learning. We are very proud of our digital classrooms and believe this format for learning is essential for our students success as modern learners and to ensure they have the skills to compete in an increasingly technology based society. However, we are not able to sustain this programme unless whanau become more involved by purchasing devices for their students.

Next year, your child will be in a digital classroom, digital devices will now be part of our school stationery requirements and whanau can select a payment option to ensure your child has a device for use at home and at school. The Te Tai Tokerau Trust have made this possible by offering a payment plan to support families in purchasing devices. After a minimal deposit and the completion of a Tikanga Of Care programme (approximately 3 hours) students take their devices home and with access to the internet will have access to all the learning programmes we have at school.

This will provide students with their own Chromebook to use both in class and at home, after contract obligations have been met.

The Te Tai Tokerau Trust

  • The Trust supports whanau to pay for their child’s device by making it affordable.
  • The Trust makes it possible to pay off the device over a 1, 2 or 3 year period.
  • Payment is through a Credit Sale Agreement.

This is a legal document that means you are legally responsible for:

  • Making regular payments equivalent to the amount set out in the agreement
  • Ensuring that all due care is exercised to look after the device
  • All payment arrears when your child leaves this school
  • Until you have paid off your child’s device, it remains the property of the Taitokerau Education Trust. Once you have completed all payments, you become the owner of the device.

Your child will be issued with their own device, for use in class, once you have paid a $40 deposit, and put in place arrangements for paying the balance either by

  • Paying for your child’s device in full at the start of the year.
  • Or by making regular payments over a 1, 2 or 3 year period, by direct debit payment

The device will then also be available to take home for student use. This will include use of online learning applications that are used in class.

Device Information

Chromebook Payment Plan

Option 1: Full payment of a new device Please note: costs are subject to change
  • $480 (New)
  • We will also have a refurbished option for $375. This package includes:
  • 1 x 11.6 4gb chromebook refurbished and a bag
  • 2 years warranty & 2 years insurance

The device (Acer Chromebook); sturdy storage bag; extended warranty; insurance scheme for accidental damage, fire, theft ($50 excess) Google licence to enable the learning environment your child will be working in

  • Pay the full amount at the start of Term one
  • Or by making regular repayments to the Taitokerau Education Trust (Credit Sale contract) over 12, 24 or 36 months (See payment plan attached)

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Students may bring their own chromebook for use in class, however, whanau will need to sign a contract and device use will be monitored under the school network.

There are a range of Chromebook devices available for independent purchase and retailers can often provide devices at discounted prices.  Watch for specials but be mindful that prices do not include insurance and devices are not the responsibility of the school.