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Purchase your uniform online

We have a compulsory school uniform for Yr 7 and 8 students

The senior school uniform is stocked and sold by The Warehouse located at the Okara Shopping Centre, or purchase online by clicking the button.

Purchase your uniform online
  • Black Cargo Shorts
  • Royal Blue School Polo Shirt with embroidered emblem
  • Navy Blue Polo Fleece with embroidered emblem
  • Black Pleated skirt
  • Black A frame skirt made at school in Technology classes
  • Black Roman Sandals
  • Black School shoes
  • Black socks
  • Boys  |  Knee length
  • Girls  |  Ankle length

Other children dress appropriately and their clothing needs to be appropriate for the season. Alternatively a uniform polo shirt is available for all Yr 0 – 6 students from the school office. Please ensure that all clothing (especially in the Junior School) is named.

Junior School Optional Uniform

Year 1-6
An optional junior school polo shirt is offered and sold at school.  Parents may elect to have their children wear the uniform OR mufti.

Unisex Uniform
School Polo shirt with emblem (sold at school). Price $16.00 each Child’s own black shorts or Parents can purchase the same black Cargo shorts as senior students from The Warehouse.   The style and quality of these shorts are great for the price.

  • Black Sandals
  • Shoes and sock