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Manaia View School is the proud recipient of a ‘Gold Heartbeat Award’ (The first school in Northland)

In order to achieve this award the staff and pupils demonstrated an ongoing commitment to healthy eating practices.

Therefore we ask your support in providing a healthy lunch for your child each day. This excludes large packets of chippies and soft drinks.
We are very fortunate to be sponsored by St Vincent de Paul for children without lunches. If your child arrives to school without lunch, he or she will have lunch provided for them.

*A breakfast club operates on a daily basis.

Fruit in Schools  |  Kidscan Snacks 
All children are given fruit and snacks daily as part of our nutrition programme.

Milk in Schools
All children are provided with a carton of milk each day courtesy of Fonterra.

Water only School 
As part of our commitment to encourage healthy living, Manaia View School is now a ‘Drink Water Only’ School. This means that all pupils can only drink water at school, during school hours.  Coloured and flavoured drinks are not permitted at our school and will be removed from children.