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Te Taonga o Manaia View

Kaupapa Arataki – Guidelines

Kaingakau o te Whanau – Whanau Commitment

Nga Taonga o Manaia View is a level 1 Total Immersion Unit. Whanau who enrol their tamaiti/mokopuna into Nga Taonga o Manaia View must be committed to the revitalisation of Te Reo Maori. To achieve this, Te Reo Maori must be spoken to tamariki in the home and community. Te Reo Maori must be seen by tamariki as a living, vibrant language that is commonly used in everyday communication in natural settings. This is the only strategy that will ensure the survival of Te Reo Maori for future generations. If whanau are speaking Maori then it has the same mana and status as the English language.

One whanau member in the child’s household must be committed to speaking only Te Reo Maori to the mokopuna enrolled.

In short, whanau must be willing and able to speak Te Reo Maori to their tamariki/mokopuna outside of Nga Taonga O Manaia View.

Te Mana o te Tamaiti – The strength of the child

Nga Taonga o Manaia View has a holistic view of how a mokopuna develops which encompasses the cultural, the whanau, the spiritual, the emotional, the intellectual, and the physical well-being of the child. We aim to support and promote the mokopuna’s confidence, creativity and identity. Through our mokopuna centred teaching methods we will instil and promote the child’s love for learning. Our Maori learning environment will respect and cherish the mana, the wairua and the mauri of each mokopuna; valuing their unique attributes so that s/he may grow up strong and proud in his/her own mana ahua ake (identity) as a caring, confident and competent Maori child.

Te Taiao – The Natural Environment

Through whakapapa we have an intricate interconnected relationship with the natural world around us. Each domain is guarded by an atua Maori – the sky, the land, the forests, the natural elements, the flora and fauna. As Ira Tangata – human life – we have been given the responsibility to help care and protect the natural world of Ranginui and Papatuanuku.

Through our Te Ao Maori kaupapa, tamariki will learn about the special relationships we have with nga atua Maori and to the natural environment. Mokopuna will be encouraged to develop an awareness of ecological and sustainable ways to care for and respect te Taiao.
The resources provided have been carefully selected. We endeavour to use predominantly natural and recyclable items that help develop creative, enquiring minds and caring wairua.
Much of what we need to learn to be caring and responsible human beings, can be learnt from nature. Hei orange mo o tatou tinana, wairua hoki. “ Kore rawa e taea te whakawehe te tangata I tea o turoa e pokaitia ana matou”.

Te Mana o Te Whanau – The importance of Whanau

Whanau have an integral role in the support of Te Taonga o Manaia View. For us, whanaungatanga means a partnership in education. We believe whanau are central to the learning and teaching of their tamariki.

At Te Taonga o Manaia View we value the concept of whanau where every person has an important role and contribution to make within our Te Taonga o Manaia View whanau regardless of qualifications and skills. We therefore encourage each whanau member to help make the class a place of quality, fun, dynamic, creative learning environment for all our mokopuna by sharing their unique talents and skills in whatever way they can contribute.

Nga Kaiako – Staffing

Trained and qualified teachers are employed to manage the operations of the Te Taonga o Manaia View class, but whanau have the responsibility to support the mahi and give quality feedback and feed forward to the staff around delivering the kind of education whanau want them to.

Nga Kaupapa Whakahaere – Policies and Procedures

Te Taonga o Manaia View has written policies on all matters regarding the running of the class as part of the Mainstream School. As a whanau member, we require your input in the development and review of all policies and procedures. These are currently online at  www.manaiaview.school.nz

Please make time to read the policies and talk about them with us.

“ Ma tou rourou, ma taku rourou ka ora ai te iwi”